Added July 31, 2007

A couple hard cocks invade this cutie's tight butthole. She gags on the dicks and takes them in her ass without a problem. After a hard double penetration she eats two loads.

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lucky girl, shit always appears as she gets fucked, no mercy on her, shitted cock in her mouth.face gets full of shit one time,


Very nice scene, I know one member mentions about her being not that hot but it's still an 8.5/10 scene because she looks and is so dirty! Her ass is absolutely gorgeous and looks fantastic from behind when filled to the brim at the same time as her pink sandwich. Her clit isn't the best, a bit black could do with a bleaching, but when her dirty cunt is opened its nice and pink inside :) I would still put my tongue in it! Big fan of the pre-cum and spit mix around both her holes, and the sloppy noise of the DP when she gets it hard, very nice and wet! Perhaps too wet I know what it's like when u fertilise a girl who is too wet, takes away some of the sensation! I'd like to see a girl take a triple penetration on perfectgonzo, I think this marriage material whore could do it!


This is a cute scene with a submissive hot girl who takes a real anal ploughing and a strong DP. It starts with a pretty world class fingering from 06:30 onwards which is worth a view on its own. There's some nice quirky bits too like the switch from anal to pussy fucking, and then a toe gets stuck in her ass (and onto her mouth) at 41:25. Nice, inventive porn. More like this on the new scenes please PG. 9/10 (..reviewer-SJ)


Ana is a very hot Romanian chick, and she has been in a bunch of scenes here on the Perfect Gonzo empire. She does have a gorgeous ass, and this episode of Tamed Teens really gives her the opportunity to display it and its abilities. The first twelve minutes or so of this scene Ana teases us with that gorgeous ass of hers, and lets the lucky guy stick several of his fingers in there, as well as his big toes. The two woodsmen come out and test out her mouth. She does a lot of deepthroating as well as a lot of throat fucking. After some extensive and hard oral, Ana gets in doggy to start things out in anal and within no time, she is taking it balls deep. The doggy anal last a long time, and is pretty pounding. She is then treated to a dp in the two standard positions before taking more meat in her ass in almost a piledriver position. Ana then swallows two loads, and crawls out of the rooom (while wearing a ski mask!). This is an ok scene. Ana is very pretty but is too docile in this scene. Tamed Teens should be taking wild girls and "taming" them, however Ana comes across very tame. She does not take any initiative and juts lets the director place her in a position to get invaded. However, she does look very attractive, and does take cock in her ass quite easily and we do get the raincoater stuff that we all love. Rating 3.5/5


Ana is not particularly hot but she is very nasty. She loves to take it up the ass, take a look at the part when she gets toes in her ass and pussy (this is the first time I have seen something like that). Then the deepthroating part is very rough, she takes the cocks all the way and keeps spitting all the time, Tamedteens style. This is one of the hardest cock sucking I have ever seen. Later, they move to doggie anal. The two guys don't really give her a break but she handles it with no problems. This girl is a sex machine. The scene is quite long, so the guys have plenty of time to fuck her ass, go ATM, DP and everything they want. This girl is fucked very hard. Rating 4/5. (Very good action but she is not a very hot or beautiful girl)


Ana is smoking hot in this scene, with nice reddish hair, sultry eyes and a great body. She's wearing a neon pink two piece outfit, and the director scans from her ass up to her face to show us her assets. He pulls aside her panties to show off her nice asshole, which looks like it's ready for a fucking. He pulls her panties down while she's in doggie and starts thumbing her butthole. She turns over onto her back and lifts her legs high into the air, and we get a great closeup of some ass fingering. The guy then puts the big toe of his foot in her ass, and makes her taste it. After some more fingering, the clothes come off, and Ana is on her knees, being throatfucked. In classic TamedTeens fashion, this is serious skullfucking, and Ana spits out boatloads of saliva. Another guy joins the scene, and they take turns being deepthroated by this talented teen slut. They lie her on her back and continue the oral assault before getting her in doggie and starting the assfucking. They nail her in her cute asshole, and make her taste it afterwards for some A2M. They also pull out to show us a nice red gape. The doggie anal goes on for a while, and is very hard and hot. This is what you call an assfucking! The next position we get is a reverse cowgirl DP, also done very hard. This girl can take it, and we get a nice close-up of her face as she is getting pounded. After a cowgirl DP, Ana gets on her back on the couch in mish, and spreads her legs wide apart showing off her butthole, which proceeds to get ravaged by a huge cock. This is a great shot, close-up, showing a small girl getting nailed by a big tool, which is what porn is all about. The scene ends with two pops in her mouth, the second guy gives her a really good, thick, white load which looks great on camera when she opens her mouth to show off what she's received. Unfortunately as she opens her mouth, some cum drips out onto the pillow! Bad Ana, they may have to tame this teen again, haha. She scoops it up and puts it in her mouth, then swallows. The director has her put on a blue skimask and crawl away to end this fine scene. I love the rough stuff, so this was right up my alley. Throatfucking, assfucking and A2Ms galore, this is great hardcore sex. Rating: 9/10