Anita Bellini

Added December 23, 2013

An 18 year old with puffy nipples gets her tight ass explored with a huge glass butt plug. She deep throats and gets ass fucked.

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Anita Bellini


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I love Anita Bellini!! But why hasn't there been an update here in years?!?


I wish we would get some updates in the TamedTeens department, by far the best series this site has to offer. Some of the older stuff is pure gonzo-porn gold


While writing this this scene is already over 3 years old but Anita is and always was a great actress also in this scene. This scene really highlights her perfectly shaped ass (kind of incredible what a wonderfully round ass this petite cutie has!). PG shows us her great tushy in all possible views with and without a cock inside. btw: a very intersting anal position at 40:35 (but i guess this must have been very tiring for her so it is quite impressive that she handle it over 1 minute before there is a cut and then again 1:30 minutes of it before changing to normal doggy position). The anal POV at 46:10 is absolutly perfect - you just can't highlight a ass in any better way!


It's probably fair to say that there is little taming going on in this scene, so I imagine that if someone was hoping for a Tamed Teens of old they might be a little disappointed. However, it is in every other way an excellent scene, and I am always pleased to see Anita. The little warm-up exercise routine Anita performs as part of the opening tease is a nice touch, and she looks particularly good in her stretchy leggings. The lead which is plugged into her ass before the blowjob begins plays at the Tamed Teens theme, but is nothing more than a bit of fun. But its during the anal penetration that Anita excels. Its remarkable that such a round ass belongs to such an otherwise tiny woman, and the scene shows it off perfectly as she bounces back and forth in prolonged cowgirl and doggy penetrations; she really looks fantastic as she tries to maintain balance while crouching on all fours on the arm of a sofa. A facial finish rounds of the scene nicely.


One of the best scenes on this site. There, I said it. Anita B is ridiculously cute and, as we find out, can fuck like a champ. After the usual tour of her curves, she is blindfolded, ready for whatever taming can be thrown at her. After some ass play, she is politely spanked with a belt that has become some sort of ass leash. Nice move. She starts to get pounded and the blindfold immediately comes off. Then she starts sucking cock. She should give classes to the other girls. She gets fucked in the ass for the rest of the video. She takes the facial, then unfortunately becomes frozen in time. I assume she is still kneeling there in that living room to this day. My only gripe is the title. What is the difference between this and, say, an Ass Traffic video? The blindfold? Tamed Teens up until this point pushed the boundaries of hardcore to a point that made some people squirm. Don't get me wrong, this is an excellent video, one of the best, but it was more Tame than Tamed. - Civlor

pgb1aqxwu5qamt gorgeous. Love this site so much. The Filmmaker definitely knows his porn!


Anita Bellini is a super cute, barely legal Magyar hottie. She has a wonderful natural and fresh beauty to her, that it looks like she is barely wearing any makeup. I really like the opening of the scene where Anita is doing stretches in her tights. Very sexy! I really liked where Anita starts peeling off her tights, then spreads open her ass. The camera pans upwards to her face, and she somehow manages to look both naughty and innocent at the same time. She gets in doggy while wearing an eye mask, and gets her ass toyed before getting her pussy fucked from behind. After a nice blowjob, Anita rides his cock in her ass in cowgirl, then in doggy where she shows off some impressive gapes. She takes the load in her mouth. The camera lingers on her gorgeous face for a while, then she gives us a great smile and waves good bye.

Very good scene! I have similar complaints for the more recent scenes, but as always the production is top notch. And a super cute girl with good anal action.


I start to wonder where PerfectGonzo finds all these cuties. Now Anita Bellini! Anita is relatively new to the porn biz (she started her career early 2013) but she has already done an impressive number of scenes - so I guess she is a workaholic.

As it already became a top feature of the new PerfectGonzo scenes, you see in this very scene an amazingly well dressed young lady (with "well" translates "sexy like sin") in a very well filmed hardcore scene. Gonzo porn at its best!

I especially like that Anita does give a deep throat blow job. She is a trooper. Great anal treatment with some nice gapes included too. If at all this scene lacks something than this would be a nice golden shower after the cum-shot. I really hope the PerfectGonzo guys read this and will make this my dream come true in another scene (hopefully in the close feature).

Girl: 8,5 out of 10 - Scene: 8,5 out of 10. (Mr_White - eurobabeindex)