Added January 22, 2008

Candy starts out locked in a cage. She is acting good so we let her out to fuck with our guy. He pounded her pussy hard and fed her a load of cum.

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Art & Addons piercing Body Type petite skinny smooth skin Breasts perky small Butt apple Clothes costume high heels Cumshot swallowing - single Ethnicity caucasian Eyes green Face Type baby face Fetish eye contact rough sex tittie play Furniture lounger Hair long - straight Hair color blonde Location outdoors Male - Cum average Male - Dick size big Position doggystyle regular jockey missionary standing Pubic Hair shaved trimmed Pussy/Labia meat curtains small Sex blowjob - single vaginal Skin tone medium Tease boob flashing butt flashing flirting

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Candy is a really cute young thing who is fun to watch. This video has an interesting start with Candy kneeling in a cage, but she's smiling so I don't get a weird feeling like I would if she looked upset. She plays with herself inside the cage for a while before she gets out. The interplay with the guy is not real strong; I still think the face slapping in the TamedTeens line doesn't really add anything. But Candy is still a real cutie and makes a good effort. The cum swallow is disappointing since Candy gagged slightly. Even so, she's soooo cute.


SUMMARY: This isn't my favorite scene of Candy's by any stretch, but when it comes down to it, it's still Candy. I like her, and I'm glad to see her back. I'm not sure I can put my finger on what went wrong with the scene, but somehow the performers just didn't seem to click, and that was enough to leave me a smidge let down, even if Candy is still as delectable as ever. DETAILS: Ahh, ask and ye shall receive. Anyone who's read my reviews knows that Candy is a favorite of mine. Although she's a little more filled out here than she has been in scenes past, that doesn't make her any less fuckable. She's still got those cute little breasts, that pretty smile, and that blonde hair. I'm sure some of you will even embrace that little extra bubble she's acquired on her bottom. Candy starts out locked in a dog cage in the back yard. How can you possibly go wrong with that? She smiles and plays around with the director before he lets her out and she crawls around and strips for the camera. The requisite cock with a man attached to it joins her and we move on to the usual fast paced Tamed Teens fuck and suck. The scene's main event somehow falls short for me, though. Candy looks great, of course, but the fucking seems to be more of an exercise in endurance training and less of a sexual pairing, so by the end, I was left a little cold. A real shame too, since I think if Candy's partner had calmed down a bit, we could have seen some nice stuff. MLyons


Just wanted to Cheer/Salute designers for "Screenshots". Some of these Jpeg's are Mainstream Men's Magazine quality (For lack of a better description) .