Carla C

Added May 13, 2008

This skinny teen blonde gets ravished by two guys. She squirts like crazy as she gets double penetrated. After some rough fucking she swallows both loads.

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Carla Cox

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Carla looks stunning. If you love squirting, this one's for you and skip to 6:00 for the start of it. I'm surprised there's any liquid left in her by the time it's finished, and the squirting continues through the 30 minutes (e.g. 12:00). She takes it well in the pussy and up the ass with some nice gapes and fingering around 23:00. This is a great scene, interesting, unique, intense and with a beautiful girl. She doesn't hold back on the vocals either. She takes two loads in the mouth at the end and looks pleased as punch :) A strong 10.


Carla has such a beautiful face, it's a real pleasure to see the guys giving her a good hard bitchslap! One of the greatest things is seeing a tiny cute teen take on 2 guys who are much bigger and stronger than her, we need to see them smack her around more before and during the fucking (and even after!) When she's talking a big uncomfortable cock up her butt, that's when they should pull her up by the hair, the director says "go for it, dude" and BAM! She gets to see how hard they smack their bitches around!


Carla is a super hot bimbo slut with the face and look that makes her deserve to be gagged by cock and power fucked hard in the ass. She is just my type of a bimbo blond - I especially like the pink "pop bitch" lipstick - that milky-pink lipstick is the most sexy! The action here is nice and rough the way I like - with some nice slapping going on of her face, boobs, and butt -some good hard blows right on her snatch would have been just great. Unfortunately Carla does not have the "I'm a sex toy" big fake boobs that all girls should have and there is a lot of pussy fucking going on here - and that is a real shame to say the least!! - The cocks should have been in the "right hole" all the way. Well after a lot of pretty annoying pussy fucking Carla is finally fucked good and hard in the ass like she should be - and there are some nice stimulating views of her tear stained face contorting in the way that makes this flick worth watching. All in all Carla is damn sexy - but it is really a shame that she is fucked so much in her pussy - instead of giving her the RIGHT treatment of cock in the ass all the time - skipping even the DP - having her take every cock thrust up her asshole the way she naturally should. To me it is just kind of odd to include vaginal fucking in a scene that features ANAL - I don't see the point at all. If the girl goes anal then make it anal all the way is what I say. All the girls that only do vaginal porn videos should get out of the way and stick to just modeling. The final end is quite good with Carla in doggy on the sofa (her knees on the floor would have been a lot better) getting slammed good and hard in the ass while the stud is stepping on her head - my favorite ! -SPOT ON THE WAY IT SHOULD BE! - Unfortunately more DP follows and the look on Carla's face changes from looking cock hammered to pleased - and that is just another bummer. As Carla looks more comfortable during the vaginal penetration -a super brief little bit of vaginal penetration combined with mostly full drive ANAL making her face look just right -would make this scene perfect! Dmander


This girl is absolutely gorgeous,really pretty and sexy with its mini skirt,she is really tamed and she seems to love sumbmission.anal,double penetration,gapes,all that stuff doesn't afraid her,in the end of the video,she swallows two loads of cum with excitment and with a smile,after the scene she seems to be happy,really awesome and exciting young slut.


Coming off a stunning performance for Sperm Swap, expectations are high for young Carla Cox. She is a well-built blonde beauty with nearly flawless skin except for a huge bruise on her leg. Because she is not known for her handling of rough sex, her performance in this video could set the tone for future roles. She handles the warm up well; taking slaps and chokes in stride. She goes straight from light foreplay to dangling from the ceiling tights. She is then pounded by two guys and shows a perfect amount of excitement, discomfort, and anxiety. Remember this is Tamed Teens. Her oral skills are masked by the roughhousing from the boys. She squirts for us, which I'm not a fan of, but good for her. She’s bent in extreme angles and double penetrated at times. Her anal work is a highlight in this scene. She gets a double doggy, which makes me feel uneasy being a super hetero dude. She takes both cumshots down her throat with a grin. Go get ‘em Carla. Bottom line, her performance as an innocent teen may have run its course during this video. She took the best, or worst, these two actors could throw at her and she never missed a beat. Her natural beauty will get her foot in the door, but her skills demonstrated on this video will give her much a needed status boost going into her next video. Pros: A lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets. Cons: Room to grow, no complaints. My Score: 4 out of 5 - Civ