Added March 11, 2008

Gilda gets two cocks to slide down her throat in this Tamedteens flick. Her pussy gets rocked and she swallows two big cumshots.

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Gilda Roberts


Body Type skinny Breasts perky small Butt apple Clothes boots costume lingerie skirt Cumshot swallowing - multiple Ethnicity caucasian Eyes green Face Type fashion model next-door Fetish eye contact tittie play Furniture lounger sofa Hair braids long - straight Hair color brown Location living room outdoors Male - Cum average Male - Dick size big Position cowgirl doggystyle regular missionary spoon standing Pubic Hair trimmed Pussy/Labia medium Sex blowjob - single deep throat throat fucking vaginal Skin tone light Tease boob flashing butt flashing flirting

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Very sexy young girl, she presents her body very well. Initially she is called a bitch repeatedly whilst having her throat squeazed which she seems to really get off. She is a fiesty little sex doll, very pasioate and gives a good performace. The guys use her totally and she takes it like a proper little slut and begs them for more. She has that special litle spark in her eyes throughout. I personally love it when a girl looks like she is enjoying herself when being used roughly and called a bitch. The guys fuck her throat, pussy and ass very roughly, she is also banged a lot, slapped about and general used and violated and she likes being treated this way, it finishes of with the sexdoll on her knees and tey guys cum eeding her.This is one of my favourite movies so far. 5/5


Absolutely beautiful just keep it up like that. I liked the style whore getting down in the floor and spit her face and also the foot goes top her face. Fantastic. Slap and piss good for the whore. All whore need to get slapped hard. More fun will get when she open her mouth wide and two guys pissing her mouth. Looking forward to see more teens.


Gilda is well known and a damn hot little slut. She has done anal before I'm sure. Anyway its a total mystery to me why Gilda is not fucked good and hard in the asshole only here. I just cant think of ANY justifiable reason why she is not on her knees -head down on that floor while they fuck her asshole as hard and deep as they possibly can and should. Does anybody have any clue to why this is not the case? -cos I surely don't! I just don't get it! she has an asshole right! -I can see it! Why are the cocks not in their right place instead of the wrong hole? Dmander


Review Gilda is as sweet, sexy and athletic as ever in this highly energetic scene. A great performance as expected from her, she takes whatever the guys throw at her on the chin with her usual grace and beauty. She still manages to come off as sex loving cutie. Apart from the slapping, this is worthy of a top spot. Verdict 9 / 10 Description The very beautiful Gilda parades her gorgous body wrapped in a sexy little blue two piece with pink knee high boots. In doors, she allows herself to be banged and fingered and performs a strip tease before the guys enter. She performs a double blowjob, bites down on a set of balls and proceeds to be deep throated by one guy whilst being penetrated by the other. Doggy style follows and Gilda performs some deep throating herself which evolves into rough reverse cowgirl, and a multitude of double teamed positions on the chair. All in all, Gilda is ferocious,ly pounded in scenes ranging from the floor to the couch, red assed, red faced but always wanting more. She happily swallows two loads of sperm and still looks as sweet as ever by the end of this energetic workout.