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Four guys rock this chick. She swallows down each dick before they take turns plowing her tight anus. She gets four cumshots blasted on her tits.

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Review This is truly a quality video. Helen is outstanding for many reasons. Firstly she is both very sexy and very beautiful, has gorgeous eyes, nice breasts and loves sex. She can perform superb blow jobs, can take rough cock sucking and gagging without fuss and is equally fantastic and overwhelmingly adorable in anal, D.P or straight sex. Well, this video is rough and the guys don't treat her all that well. But because she is able to shake the uncomfortable moments off and still perform and act like a sex addict, she is all the more lovable. An absolute stunning, sex crazed girl in a top foursome video. Unmissable! Verdict 9 / 10


This girl likes her sex! At the begining she teases and pleases us by playing with her ass and talking to the camera. The camera guy shows us her ass and chokes her a bit. she gets her tits out which look pretty good. At about 5:30 you get to see her nice pussy as she is beding over taking off her pink panties. The camera guy fingers her asshole whilst she plays with her pussy and then he puts his fingers in her mouth and chokes her a bit more. Then comes on the famous blue dildo which the camera guy shoves in her ass and she continues rubbing her pussy. 11:43 the first cock comes on and he sticks it in her mouth. Deep throating she gags on the cock and then another one comes on. Lots of oral sex with FOUR different guys for the next ~7 minutes. 19:00 We finally get to see her pussy get fucked. As she is getting pussy fucked she gets a cock stuck in her mouth, and another one in her hand. Her pussy looks so good at this point. She also gets choked a bit here too. 20:35 a cock in the ass finally! It is totally amazing, looking at her with 4 guys, freshly fucked pussy and a big fat cock in the ass, sucking others off. tits bouncing up and down. Pretty fast anal sex here as she takes it balls deep. From now on it is amazing anal/pussy/oral sex for the next ~10 minutes. Deep throating, rough sex. It is amazing. Until 30:49 that is. She gets a good DP. 31:15 she gets a cock in the mouth. One in every hole! This is just a great scene she gets no rest just amazing fucking! She gets deep throated, deep anal and deep vaginal. You must watch this part. 37:21 comes the cumshot on her tits. One of the guy tit fuckes her and lets off a huge load onto her nice breasts. the other 3 guys soon follow cumming all over her tittys. She then fondles her cum covered tits and say bye to the camera and the video is finished! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Conclusion: This is a great video. Just join TamedTeens now to watch this! 4 cocks and one girl. All types of sex. Brilliant. could have done with showing us a clear gape as they weren't really facing the camera. But other than that it is defo worth watching. 8/10.


You can read the previous reviews to have an idea of the action of this great movie. I am not going to explain it again, SimsVic did it perfectly. Helen doesn't have a perfect body or the most beautiful face in the world, but talking about sex, she is a goddess. I will also want to remark the cumshots, specially the first one. 5/5 for this excellent scene. I only have one complain, the noise in the background. What was that? Birds?


Check out the great review by Simsvic who beat me to review this fine flick. Helen has a very tight body and does a great job keeping up with these four studs. As I've mentioned before TamedTeens is not always my cup of tea, but when the girl seems to really want the intense treatment she's getting, it's a turn on. And this babe seems to want every thrust in every hole she can get! I especially enjoyed the first cumshot. At about 37:30 he begins shooting a great load of cum all over her breasts, and as he's finishing up she takes his cock into her mouth, the final few spurts hitting her waiting tongue. Nice! Probably my favorite TamedTeens movie to date. More like this please: nice and nasty with the girl wanting it that way. :P


This is what I've been waiting for, 4 cocks on one chick! Helen (or Adrianna) is wearing a sexy white top with matching panties and sweet pink stripper shoes. After a nice tease she shows off her cute butthole which the director fingers, while he chokes her. He gets a BIG clear blue dildo and starts thrusting it in and out of her tight ass. Somehow that long dildo gets really deep into her while she fingers her pussy and rubs her clit. Sadly she never sucks off her ass juice, but we forget about that when we see the next segment. The director positions her stomach down with her grabbing the heels of her shoes. A stud then comes in and starts throatfucking her! This is insanely hot. Lots of saliva, and her eye makeup starts running, then we have FOUR guys taking turns getting their tools sucked off. The guys show no mercy and really let this teen slut have it. Then she is riding a lucky guy reverse cowgirl in her pussy, which quicly switches to anal, all the while orally pleasing two other studs. Then we get the patented move where the guy on the bottom lifts Helen up to gape her, and allow his fellow woodsman to come in and ravage that asshole even more! I love that move! The guys are really rough, and the girl loves it. They then switch to doggie, with some nice gapes. We get some mish, and then a cowgirl double penetration. This is a HARD DP, she gets nailed! After a reverse cowgirl DP she gets ready for the big finish. The first guy shoot an absolutely MASSIVE load all over her tits and neck. Just incredible. One can only hope he does another scene where some chick can swallow that down! The second guy also blows a big load, they must really like this chick! The first few shots nail her mouth, which she spits out, and the rest go onto her tits. The third stud shoots a creamy load onto her left breast, very hot. The last guy shoots a large load all over her chest. She rubs all the cum in and says bye to the camera. This is a GREAT scene. The only thing that could make it better was A2M and swallowing, but it is so hot nevertheless. I hope we see LOTS more scenes with 4+ guys and one girl. Fantastic stuff! Rating: 9.5/10