Added July 3, 2007

This cute little blonde teen does not have a clue what is in store for her. Three cocks to deepthroat, lots of anal and double pentration plus three loads to eat.

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Great review, Dmander, I like the way you think!:D Keep em coming....... This is a great shoot, the guys slap her real good and the assfucking is seriously rough, she wants them to slow down and they tell her to shut the fuck up....... great fun! The bitch gets totally OWNED by these guys, that's what TamedTeens is all about!


Excellent Hardcore 10/10 Jacqueline is only 18 years old and a really great looking teenage girl. She has that perfect dopey bimbo look in her face and sexy "puddle dog" hairstyle that just makes you want to fuck her badly before you can count to one! The intro is great again in true Tamed style with Jacqueline getting drivefully throat-fucked by three dicks. While Jacqueline's hair is pulled and her face is slapped, tears are running down her face as the cocks are pushed down her throat! This is really great stuff and very pleasant to watch. - Tamed Teens is proving yet again that they have "THE TOUCH" over almost any other site in quality and content. The truth is that many adult site's claim to have rough, abusive hardcore AND quality -but in most chases they don't! Anyway soon after this great start Jacqueline is suddenly ASS FUCKED with drive with out any kind "warm up" or easy start! -a detail I much prefer over fingering, dildo's or a little pussy fucking. No this here is the real deal: Flip the girl over and ram it all the way her ass in one fast move and start pounding. Jacqueline screams and the guys tell her to "shut the fuck up". The three guys continue to work her asshole until the end of the scene -and her hole turns into a gaping cave! -In short: Perfect -spot on!. Dmander


This is a good Tamedteens movies: a nice teen gets fucked by three horny guys that give her no break. They fuck her real hard including deepthroating, anal and several DPs. She keeps screaming all the time. The scenes ends with three cumshots in her mouth and the swallowing. Not a bad scene, with some funny moments.


I normally just fast forward to the cum swallowing (which I did more of that later) but there's a few other things to say about this scene. This girl is HOT! Great looker with lovely permed blonde hair, nice body & cracking pair of tits. Good oral & she gets mercilessly pounded in the ass from all angles- my favourite is reverse cow girl in part 5. scene finishes off with the guys shooting three juicy loads in her mouth which she chugs down with ease. Would be good to see a bit of cum gargling but apart from that great scene. SLC


Is there anything better than seeing a cute teen get ravaged by big, hard cocks? Not much that I know of, so I already had wood when I saw cute lil' Jacqueline was taking on three studs in this flick. When we first see our teen beauty, she's lying down on a loveseat, with an orange bikini top, black miniskirt and grey-black boots. The director gets great close-ups of her face, with her gorgeous big eyes, and wastes no time having her get on her knees and show us her ass. He pulls aside her panties and bangs her, then gets her in mish on the couch and plays with her clit. Back in doggie, he puts his thumb right in her tight little asshole, and makes her taste it. Her bikini top is pulled aside to reveal wonderful natural breasts, before she gets on her knees and prepares for some cocksucking. Two cocks show up, and waste no time using Jacqueline's mouth. She provides great no-hands head as each guy throatfucks her. A third guy shows up and also starts skullfucking her. Occasionally they slap her as well, which she doesn't seem to like too much! They get her on her back for the classic throatfuck position. Each guy comes in to get as far down her throat as they can, and she takes it like a champ! There's also some great ball licking thrown in for good measure. The last guy then pulls her up into spoon, and sticks his cock in her mouth while his partner comes in to get some anal action! He really starts giving it to her in the ass, while another guy gets sucked off. He pulls out and stretches out her ass to show off a little gape, her ass must be really tight! He continues the anal rampage, as the other guy slaps her face, then he pulls out and makes her suck his cock for some great A2M. While she's doing that, the other guy comes in to absolutely NAIL her asshole with some great thrusting. Great stuff. Next, she's riding a a guy in anal reverse cowgirl, while sucking off two dicks near her face. Then, she alternately gets fucked in cowgirl then doggie anal, before getting a thorough cowgirl DP. They flip her over into mish and start nailing her ass, bending her legs til they're almost behind her head! Her boots have come off by this point, so we get to see some nice shots of her soles for you foot fixation fans. The final stud nails her pussy for a while before setting up for the finish. Each of the guys deliver excellent loads right into her open mouth, and she shows off a HUGE load of cum that we can't wait to see her swallow down, which she does. We get a nice closeup of her face before watching her walk away. Excellent scene, anal, DPs, A2M, and a cute girl taking it all. Rating: 9/10