Jennifer S

Added May 29, 2007

Here we have another innocent teen to tame and corrupt. She gets the usual Tamedteens treatment where two guys bang her tight pussy and make her swallow two loads.

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Jeniffer Sweet


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What do you get if you let two horny guys loose on a cute teen model? This scene! Look at the first pic on this page, the head of the dude's cock is huge! That big tool is rammed up Jennifer's cunt nice and hard, after tearing her up for a while some guys might stop and give her a break..... but these guys are having too much fun, he slams it in even harder to say "take that, you fucking bitch!" Now that's good fun taming!


Well - Gotta be honest here: Jennifer really really nice -She has just the kind of face that turns me on! really like the intro and build up. The face fucking is great -especially when the guys hold her arms down so she cant interfere and really go to work on her throat. But best of all is the look on Jennifer's face with the strap around her neck. MmmMmmGood didn't like as you can read above but its exactly the scared teenie look on her face that makes this great to watch. For my money all the scene at Tamed should have this quality! Too bad we Jennifer is not fucked up the ass - then this would have been perfect... Dmander


Here's another TamedTeens video that just doesn't work for me. Jennifer is a cute, skinny, very young-looking brunette. In this movie she's paired up with two guys, who are obviously ready for some action. As with many TamedTeens movies, the girl is dominated by the guys, nothing too rough but still interesting. While the guys appear to be working hard for their money, Jennifer usually looks like she'd rather be someplace else. At times she lets a small smile creep in but usually she looks uninspired. Only at the end, after she's swallowed two loads of cum, does she really smile like she's happy. In this case, she looks like she's happy it's over. I guess this is my occasional problem with the TamedTeens line. I don't mind seeing a girl being dominated, but I still like her to act like a sexy slut more than a scared teenager. Could be it's just me. Occasionally, there will be a TamedTeens like that, and those are the ones I really enjoy. This one I can take or leave. Just one man's opinion. :(