Added January 29, 2008

Kasey gets her little ass rocked at Tamedteens. After some rough anal sex we load her mouth up with cum. She swallows it all down.

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SUMMARY: Kasey is an attractive enough girl, but not really to my taste, it turns out. Couple that with some irritating director antics and I was fairly put off by this scene. That all said, the sex is decent and this IS TamedTeens afterall. Incessant slapping and choking are part-in-parcel of the premise, I suppose. Pity. DETAILS: Kasey has a nice body with full yet perky breasts, along with some tattoos and piercings, but for me, her face just doesn't make it. It's not unattractive, but between her crooked teeth and her average smile, I wasn't really wowed. It doesn't help, however, that pretty much every minute or so throughout the scene, the director's hand comes in and either grabs her throat or slaps her face. I'm sure others like this, but when it's just being done to be done, and it happens as often as this, it really begins to irritate me. The sex itself is actually pretty decent. Kasey takes it up the ass for most of it, and her compact little body looks pretty good doing it. There are some out-of-character moments where the couple laugh and and play around. I suppose viewers could go either way on that, but in this case it took me out of the moment. Overall, I didn't find too much to shout about here. Kasey finishes her man off by taking a load into her mouth and swallowing. The director gets in another couple of slaps and verbal "bitch" jabs, and so it ends. ::groan:: I'm all for sexy name calling, but there's just no context here. MLyons


Cute, blonde Kasey is back, this time in a one-on-one TamedTeens video. She looks young in a short yellow dress with partially open sides. The dress is somewhat slutty, but Kasey looks the teen part, chewing gum with a big smile as she flashes her tits and pussy. There's a nice view of her from the side as she starts giving a blowjob to the lucky recipient, then the cameraman jiggles the camera and changes to a less flattering view. Too bad. Ultimately Kasey takes a firm anal probing, not really up to the usual TamedTeens standards though but fine for me since I don't get into the spitting and rough stuff too much. The video concludes with an average cumshot into her waiting mouth. It's interesting watching the cum splashing onto her pierced tongue before she swallows the load. This is a perfectly fine anal video but probably a little weak for the true TamedTeen fans.