Added May 16, 2006

This little snobbish thing went through our taming routine. She was throatfucked until her makeup was ruined. It was an honour for us to give her a DP initiation.

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This scene has been reviewed many times, but i must review this because i loved it and she is such an amazing and sexy girl. "Amazing" Starts off with Margarete, kneeled on a sofa with a red butt plug in. Handcuffed, blindfolded and gagged the guy shows off her pussy through her tights and shows off her tits, sucking on them too. Bending her over and slapping her ass Margarete gets tamed right from the very start. When the camera guy takes off her blindfol and shows off her beautiful eyes this is when you start getting into the scene. They lay her down on the sofa and start playing with the butt plug, occasionaly taking it out and making her sniff it, which is more weird than erotic but luckily it doesn't last too long. They try to get some gapes from her and they succeed in making a small-medium sized gape. Soon a guy comes on and starts throat fucking her, whilst the other ones plays with her ass. He then sticks his dick in her pussy, and she has all her holes filled. Pussy, ass and mouth. She is then laid down on the sofa and throat fucked, banging her to deep throat and making her gag. This scene is so intense, you can see her arms flailing about but she is still handcuffed so there is not much she can do about it. Three guys taking it in turns to fuck her mouth, she never gets a rest and is truly tamed. A guy then goes behind her and starts fucking her ass and she takes it in balls deep. Also still being throat fucked. After a while of the guys switching positions, and some very nice anal gaping the scene switchs to Marg sat on some guys dick with a cock in her mouth again. The guy occasionally lifts her up to show off her gaping ass hole and the gets back to work pounding her ass. She switches guys every so often so she is always getting fucked to the max a guy can do. She then gets double penetrated and also a dick in her mouth, filling her up again. Taking the dicks balls deep in every hole this scene is magical. Switching positions every so often so the camera guy can get right in for some close up pussy shots. After this she is the bent over the back of the sofa and anally fucked so fast she cant help but scream in the ecstasy. She gapes big and the guys take it in turns at fucking her ass and mouth. Hard thrusting and fast fucking makes her scream out. For the final scene she is knelt on the floor giving all 3 guys a BJ, so they can cum in her mouth. At this point one guy says "lets fuck her ear" which is also strange rather then sexy. 3 smallish loads in her mouth and then she swallows them all. Finishing the video by showing us her ass for one last time. Beautiful. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Conclusion. Brilliant video, apart from the 2 strange moments, but they are cancelled out by the amazing fucking. A trult great video and a must see. Download it. Now. 8/10 - The weird parts lost some marks but this is an amazing piece of porno.


“Margarete-AHHH!” Face: B Body: B Charm: B Sex: A- (A: I’m going to explode, B: Surefire stiffy, C: Hey, at least it’s sex, D: Time for a sandwich) HIGHLIGHTS: Light Tightening, Pony plug, tapping Margarete is a cute docile brunette with a plain Jane-girl next door face who starts this scene like a Christmas present waiting to be unwrapped – she’s blindfolded, she has her mouth gagged with a ball-strap, her hands tied behind her back, and a pony tail butt plug nestled deep in he netherregion. Looks like the taming part started prior to filming  The movie opens with a lengthy, satisfying tease where the dudes in this pic manhandle all her important parts and gently pop her butt plug in and out. 09:08 Margarete finally starts getting her holes plugged with something other than plastic as she gets a cock in her pussy and another in her mouth while laying down on the couch. 19:50 She’s then bent over the arm rest and drived to spit on the cock that pounds the back of her throat. She doesn’t utter a word – she just obeys diligently with an occasional smile. In other movies, I like a girl to be vocal, but in the case of this one it’s actually better that the only noise coming from her is gagging, spitting, and squeals (of delight) – and she does these quite well in a truly Tamed Teens fashion. We really feel that she is being (voluntarily) dominated. 19:00 A third dick comes into the picture, and Margarete gets one in her ass and two in her mouth. This goes on for quite some time, and then 25:25 the foursome finally uses all 3 holes efficiently in an oral/dp extravaganza with some tapping that was pretty hot. 34:15 Her ass gets POUNDED in succession – one after the other, while her screams of delight reach new highs, and we get some gaping shots as the three studs trade off. Margarete finally takes 3 loads. Pretty standard 3 on 1 stuff, but the intensity was pretty hot and I enjoyed this one. Til next time, Scene Doc


Poor little girl. Margarete is absolutely tamed in this scene. The three guys really fuck her badly. They humiliate her since the very begining of the movie: slapping, hair pulling, chocking, anal sex, DPs, deepthroating, gapes ... all types of hard sex. If I have the chance to fuck her I will do it other way. She is so pretty and her body is hot. She doesn't deserve this kind of treatment.:evil::evil::evil: A very good movie for Tamedteens fans.


3 guys,1 girl..... this little cunt doesn't stand a chance! She looks like a teen schoolgirl, that's why it's such fun watching these big guys beating the hell out of her! Would be even more fun, after they've ripped her asshole apart with their cocks, to watch the guys compare their fighting skillz by laying some good hard swings into the bitch! They would be laughing and high fiving each other while one guy slams a few big hits right into her face, then the next guy could take over and really score some nice hard shots! :D Great entertainment!!!!