Nicky A

Added September 25, 2007

This super cute blonde teen gets the fucking of a lifetime. She is treated with the complete Tamedteens works: deepthroat, anal and double pentration followed by a double cum swallow.

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Nicky Angel


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Nicky is a little blonde bombshell with a cheeky smile. She sassy's down the stairs. She does a quick tease and the director sticks his fingers up her snatch before the studs have arrived. She gives them a nasty blow job before really getting stuck in and it's truly no holds barred. Check out the guy fingering her ass at 15:00 before he sticks it in there. She takes it all really well and gets into it. Noisy, crazy fucking with good DP thrown in too. It's all over too soon when they give her two massive loads at 34:00+. Great 9.5/10


I started watching this video with Nicky at the same time I was watching “Brooke Knows Best” on VH1 as she moves into an apartment on Miami beach. I can only hope Brooke runs into some nasty bastards like the ones in this video. I love it when the director brings in his two “gladiators” for the hot little bitch. With her head hanging over the edge of a l-shaped sofa the assault begins. She stares back into the camera as they trash her mouth. Nicky coughs several times as they gag her with their dicks. They love slapping her as they fuck her throat. As she kneels on the sofa they take turns drivefully fucking her face as they hold it tightly. Nicky makes a slight crying sound during some of the proceedings. One guy fucks Nicky doggy as she slurps away on the other’s cock. Both of his hands hold her head as his dick furiously fills her mouth. She gags a few times. Tired of fucking her pussy, the other guy pushes into her asshole. While slamming her asshole he reaches forward with both hands and shoves her face deeper onto his buddy’s spike. Nicky mounts the guy she’s been sucking with her pussy. Her perky small tits add to the nastiness of the scene. From her pussy to her asshole he moves his dick. Nicky’s mouth is plugged from her right with the other cock. He straddles her and his buddy as he face fucks the teenage whore. After dismounting his cock, Nicky sucks his anal traveler. After the brief blow she remounts. She then mounts his buddy. Nicky is hitting her stride. The ass-mouth pounding continues in various forms. Finally, they sandwich the teenage blonde between them, and DP the tasty tramp. She moans like a whore being gangbanged by the U.S. Navy. It is great when they turn her around so she is double-penetrated facing up. Nicky kneels awaiting her treat. Her right eye makeup is smudged. The first guy squeezes his nut-milk into her open mouth. Nicky turns her head to the right so the second bastard can squirt his load into the tramp’s mouth. The nasty babe swallows down her warm drink. I doubt Brooke Hogan will ever do what Nicky did in her show, but you never know what might happen when the cameras are not running. Imagine if Nicky was the Hulkster’s little girl. He would go nuts seeing two guys using his little girl like that!


We are in luck today! Nicky, a gorgeous blonde teen slut comes walking down the stairs in her sexy plaid outfit. The director gives us great shots of her beautiful face and tight ass before pulling down her top to reveal natural tits. He gets her on all fours, with his hand around her neck, and we get a real closeup of her face right next to the hardwood floor. She stands up and starts rubbing her clit. She gets on the couch and removes her panties, allowing the director to finger her tight cunt. He pulls out his fingers and puts them right into her mouth. He positions her so her head is hanging over the edge of the couch, and two big, hard cocks come in to start reaming out her throat. They put her on her knees and continue the oral assault, they are throatfucking her so hard her shoes have fallen off! One guy can't wait and starts nailing her pussy in doggie while she sucks the other guy off. He's quick to go from the pussy to the ass, and before long Nicky is getting some nice doggie anal, what a teen slut! The other dude wants some action, and Nicky hops on top of him for some reverse cowgirl anal. She hops off and sucks his dick for some A2M. After some cowgirl vag and more reverse cowgirl anal, they do some spoon anal as well. Next, she gets a bigtime cowgirl DP, and the director puts a megaphone in front of her mouth to capture all of her moans and gasps! The guy giving it to her ass pulls out and gets some more A2M from Nicky. After a bit more DP action, including a brief reverse cowgirl DP, Nicky gets on her knees and takes two loads right in her mouth, which she swallows, ending a nice scene. I love these young looking girls who are just getting nastier and nastier! Keep em coming! Rating: 9/10